After marriage and having children; people just assume that I am no longer interested in socialising. I think.

It gets pretty lonely. I secretly miss my girlfriends. But to whom, do I rant to?

Is this a norm as we grow older? The glory days of brilliant past will just be nothing but a distant memory that no one ever speak of again?

Writing this actually made me feel emotional.

I have to stop now; and remind myself that life will be okay.

Life is Awesome!
(It has to be, right?)


The Journey Together

It has been 3 years of married life together and with 2 children in tow. I thought I would have gotten used to my husband. But clearly, I am still adjusting.

Accommodating someone else into your life is definitely not an easy task; but the sacred union of marriage inadvertently “forces” one to put others before self mostly.

Unlike most, we prefer to keep our journey together private. Our joys and tears are kept behind closed doors as we see no need to “air” everything out in the public. It kept us sane, really.

Being connected to several social media and subscribing to other “news feed”; it took quite a bit out of me to try to not join the bandwagon of posting about everything about my spouse or marriage.

But recent events affirms my decision to not do so.

A friend recently underwent a divorce. I was not in any way interested to know why or how or what to it. However, the stories from either side was plastered all over! Literally all over! Their blogs, their Facebook, their Twitter. Astaghfirullah. And it was pretty nasty.

People, please help yourself. Take personal matters offline. Talk to a counselor if you need. But truly, your journey with your spouse – together or otherwise – is a sacred one. Keep it simple. Keep it to yourself.

For indeed, the lesser others know, the lesser their “advice”, the happier you will be.

Life is Awesome!
(So keep it that way.)

Taking the Plunge.

I wonder whether I am being crazy in my attempt to be a maniac juggler. Undertaking a Masters program with 2 very young boys that requires my attention whilst assuming other roles and responsibilities in the community.

Will it all be worthwhile?

Much appreciation to you Oh Lord! For giving me the brain and brawn to be where I am today. And I seek not for a lighter load on my shoulders, but for a stronger body.

It is beyond our mental and physical capacity actually to even be where we are right now; if it is not due to His will. Yup, I believe that if He puts you to it, insyaAllah, He will put through it!

To the hustle!

Life is Awesome!

Of Dust and Cobwebs

Let me take a deep breath in and soak in the moment for a while…

I, Lyemoon, is finally back; typing an entry after 4 years.

It is now Mar 2017.

And what have I been up to?

First of all, I am married. To the last person I expected to marry. Seriously.

We were sort of facilitated by our Murabbis and things got fuzzy afterwards. Next thing I knew, I am married to the most patient being ever, with 2 boys in tow!

We got a humble house to ourselves. Still learning new things everyday and got even busier than before. Alhamdulillah ‘ala kulli hal.

Right now, I am pursuing my postgraduate studies. MSc in Blablabla. Wish me luck, yeah?!

I miss writing. And I hope I get to pick up where I have left. A part of me is in this blog. I spent this morning scrolling through the forgotten entries of this blog. Some read ridiculous but it made me smile and laugh at my immature self. Some I decided to privatise it as it no longer reflects my belief at the moment. And some I had to delete it as it no longer serve any purpose.

Life is indeed full of surprises. But, definitely awesome!

Life is Awesome!


Of Sincerity & Piety.

The journey in life is nothing but towards a known destination that we shall all one day return to our Creator.

And with each step, we seek to better ourselves. To be people of values. To be people of worth. To be people of benefit to the society.

Until we realise that there is more to life in this Dunya, the world will not heal from this horrible ailment of greed, lust and power struggle.

Of late, I cannot help but be sick over the buffet spread of bloodshed and massacres of innocent lives over the news. To my brothers and sisters in Egypt, Syria, Palestine, Myanmar and all whom are oppressed, may Allah grant you continued will to fight in the name of justice, freedom and Islam. You are all very close and dear in my heart, insyaAllah.

And what can be worse? The silence of those who are in power to intervene… ¬†And the ignorance of the rest of the world.

Why this erosion of sincerity and piety in us?

And the bias media culture certainly taints the already ugly portrait .

The world can be a better place. If only we put in a little bit of effort to care for each other. To make know. To smile.

Life can still be awesome, if we want to.

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