Little Steps.

As a minority living in a secular country, I must say that implementing Islamic values in our daily life takes an additional effort. We’re exposed to western/non-Islamic cultures, fashion and ideas all the time.

I thought it was rather sad at times. Wishing how wonderful it would be to live in the times of our beloved prophet, Muhammad S.A.W and his companions.

But a Brother’s words struck a chord with me;
“Isn’t wonderful to live in a secular country as minorities? It gives us greater opportunities to do Da’waah.”

Da’waah – literally means making an invitation. Inviting people to Islaam.


So I thought to myself, to start by doing something small. For myself first, then my own circle of friends… Then who knows? To everyone out there, perhaps?

Thus, I start to become more conscious over my speech, my choice of words and my actions. Reminding myself constantly that I am a Muslimah every single day. My actions manifest the religion I’m representing.

But the fun part was when I started out with my friends. Doing something as simple as introducing books like La Tahzan and The Ideal Muslimah to them. And recently, I bought for them all Maher Zain’s album.

Don’t we just love Maher Zain?

Try it, my friends! It’s this little things that would lead to something big, Insyallah.

“Lo! Allah love those who battle for His cause in ranks, as if they were a solid structure.”
Qur’an 61:4

Life is Awesome!


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About lyemoon.

I would like to travel the world and journey the footsteps of Ibn Battuta. I would like to be a zookeeper and tame the lions. I would like to sit at the edge of a cliff and bask in the sun. I would like to drink tea and read a book. I would like to sit and dream all day long.

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