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Anonymous asked:
What makes you want to put on the hijab?”

Now this is interesting… Do I know you personally? Because I am sure there isn’t any picture of me here on this blog. What more one that showed I put on the hijab. But, indeed you’re right! I do don the hijab.

Well, in retrospect, I think the answer has been there all this while, in every Muslim woman. Donning the hijab is neither a full-time nor a part-time affair. When faith in Allah SWT resides strongly within oneself, then there can be nothing to hold you back. It is at this juncture that you will feel fully sure about ‘covering’ yourself not just with a piece of cloth over your head, but more importantly with dignity.

When I cover, I discover my inner self. In every sense of the word. Some may think the hijab is restrictive. But the truth is, it sets you free. Respect depends not on the way you upkeep your looks, but the way you uphold your modesty. The more I cover, the more my femininity is revealed.

Also, when I cover, I discover that the hijab has a halo effect. People are quick to assume that it is readily donned with nobility; that perfection comes with it. But rather than regarding it as demanding, I think of it as challenging.

And who says the hijab conceals a woman’s beauty?

It covers her crowning glory, yes… But the inner beauty glows ever more beautifully in her mannerism and personality. It is this kind of beauty, the beauty of pious conduct, that matters most. And it is the one that leaves a lasting impression.

On a final note, I would like to stress that the hijab holds a different meaning to each and every individual who dons it. Not all Muslim woman who dons the hijab are ‘good’ and not all Muslim woman who does not the don the hijab are ‘bad’. Wallahu’alam.

Who are we to judge others?

Here’s a video worth pondering on:

Life is Awesome!


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