VIRTUOUS INTENTIONS (via almiskeenah)

Here’s a little something to share on this glorious Friday…

The Salaf used to say, “Whosoever opens the door of a virtuous intention, Allah will open seventy doors of the doors of tawfiq (success) for him.” This saying encapsulates the tacit prayer of this book: that one’s intention may become a vehicle to tawfiq and a gateway to many more virtuous intentions… Read More

via almiskeenah

Jumu’ah Mubarak!

Life is Awesome!


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About lyemoon.

I would like to travel the world and journey the footsteps of Ibn Battuta. I would like to be a zookeeper and tame the lions. I would like to sit at the edge of a cliff and bask in the sun. I would like to drink tea and read a book. I would like to sit and dream all day long.

4 responses to “VIRTUOUS INTENTIONS (via almiskeenah)”

  1. nadia says :

    Assalamu Alaikum. My first time here 🙂

    Such a beautiful reminder, subhanAllah! And AMEEN to the dua.

  2. mallorca urlaub says :

    I’ve been following your blog since you started. You have made amazing progress. This site is an inspiration for all pursuing a long transition versus the big chop.

    – Rob

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