Part 3 – Lalbagh Show Rocks… (via Bangalore – People & Place)

I have a soft spot for flowers. I got reminded back to my performing days where it’s a tradition for audiences to get bouquet of flowers for their supporting performers. Going back after each concert with bouquets of flowers in my arms by my supporters felt so good. Now, nobody buy me flowers Nevertheless, my love for flowers never fade and this photo-post blew me away 😀

Part 3 - Lalbagh Show Rocks... After two awesome posts by Prathima and Priyanka, there is not much to write about Lalbagh flower show. But on the base line, I will say everyone should see it, specially for children and one who has interest in nature. … Read More

via Bangalore – People & Place


About lyemoon.

I would like to travel the world and journey the footsteps of Ibn Battuta. I would like to be a zookeeper and tame the lions. I would like to sit at the edge of a cliff and bask in the sun. I would like to drink tea and read a book. I would like to sit and dream all day long.

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