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The Journey Together

It has been 3 years of married life together and with 2 children in tow. I thought I would have gotten used to my husband. But clearly, I am still adjusting.

Accommodating someone else into your life is definitely not an easy task; but the sacred union of marriage inadvertently “forces” one to put others before self mostly.

Unlike most, we prefer to keep our journey together private. Our joys and tears are kept behind closed doors as we see no need to “air” everything out in the public. It kept us sane, really.

Being connected to several social media and subscribing to other “news feed”; it took quite a bit out of me to try to not join the bandwagon of posting about everything about my spouse or marriage.

But recent events affirms my decision to not do so.

A friend recently underwent a divorce. I was not in any way interested to know why or how or what to it. However, the stories from either side was plastered all over! Literally all over! Their blogs, their Facebook, their Twitter. Astaghfirullah. And it was pretty nasty.

People, please help yourself. Take personal matters offline. Talk to a counselor if you need. But truly, your journey with your spouse – together or otherwise – is a sacred one. Keep it simple. Keep it to yourself.

For indeed, the lesser others know, the lesser their “advice”, the happier you will be.

Life is Awesome!
(So keep it that way.)

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