Withdrawal Syndrome.

I miss the beautiful Eiffel Tower.

I miss the charming town of Manchester.

I miss the people of Liverpool.

I miss the culture-rich city of Oxford.

I miss the breeze of river Thames of London.


Life is Awesome!


The World is a Book…..


Conqueror. Low’s Peak. Mount Kinabalu, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia. January. 2013.

And those who do not
read only a page.

Life is Awesome!

To the One Who Had Chosen Me.


Oh dear you, I am not perfect. I seek your humble guidance in being my imam till jannah with much patience and tender loving care.

Never in a thousand years I would have thought that it would be you. But Allah knows best. And in Him I place my heart.

Life is Awesome!

Don’t go falling between the cracks (Just embrace life)


Australia, you just wait!


Are there times that you feel like you are falling between the cracks, swallowed up by a world that just doesn’t seem to slow down?

 I’ll confess I do sometimes…

 But whenever I do I get a little echo in my mind, a little ditty that TomO said to me before competing in New Zealand’s Speight’s Coast to Coast Adventure Race earlier this year.

 “Dad just go out there and embrace it, enjoy yourself” TomO said,

 Crikey, it blew me away at the time, but you know, it sounds like damn good advice to me…

 So I’m going to get out there and embrace the day, hit it head-on…

And remember, if all else fails, just Like The Landy on Facebookremain out of control and see what develops…

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Other Half.

Dear future husband,
I have got nothing to offer you except this struggle to be a better ‘abid.

But will you take me to be your travel companion? Your travel companion to Jannah? And while on our way, maybe bring me to see the beautiful mountains of Ladakh and share instant noodles from my mess tin? Will you lay down with me on the green grass and pretend that the clouds are flying sheep?

If yes, will you then find me in Allah as I would to find you in Him; so He could bring us together with the Angels as witness?

Life is Awesome!

Jazanaa Wa Iyyak!

A note from another Muslim sister. Tampines Mall Musolla. October. 2012.

As I was doing my late afternoon prayers in the musolla of a local shopping mall, I saw that it was already occupied by another sister performing her duties too. Her prayer garment was all messed up, and with one look, I just had the urge to iron it out for her.

Maybe because it was something that Mom would always do for me. At times I do not realise that I have not worn the prayer garment properly to fully cover my aurah, but has already proceeded with the solah.

Hence, it was only natural that I went up to her as she stood there in khusyu’-ness and tidy her prayer garment for her before I started mine.

By the time I was into my 3rd rak’ah, she was already done with her prayers, and soon I was joined by other sisters. Little did I know that the beautiful sister had stuck a little note on my bag saying – Jazakallah (May Allah’s reward be upon you)

MasyaAllah! What a du’a from an unknown sister over such a simple act!

Jazanaa wa iyyak, ukhti!

It totally made my day! It’s so rare for the Muslim community here to be warm to another unknown Muslim. I am not sure why, but it’s like that.

I really missed those time spent while I was in Perth, Australia.

As I walk down the streets, random unknown Muslim brothers/sisters who walked past me would take the time to smile and greet me with the Salaam.

How nice! The greeting As-salaamu’alaikum has a greater meaning beyond just being a customary Muslim greeting. We do not just say Salaam – which means Peace – but instead, we say As-Salaam! Allah! That means The Peace. And we all know The Peace canonly come from Allah SWT.

Therefore by greeting another Muslim the Salaam; You are, in another words, telling them that I am your brother/sister and have come with Allah’s will, in peace. I intend to inflict no harm upon you and you can trust me. How beautiful is Islam!

However, it is not a scene here in Singapore for Muslims to greet another unknown Muslims whom they see on the streets. I did try to emulate that atmosphere here by starting with something small – my very own Project Smile. After a while I was put off, because people gave me the do-i-know-you-and-what-do-you-want-from-me look. LOL!

So this little note really warms me up. It reminded me of how rich the love for fellow Muslim brothers and sisters is. If only we make that little effort to bother ourselves to show the love to them first. 😀

I end off with a hadeeth as a reminder;

The Obligation of Loving All Muslims

عن أنس بن مالك رضي الله عنه, عن النبي صلي الله عليه و سلام قال: لا يؤمن أحدكم حتى يحب لأخيه ما يحب لنفسه

From Anas Bin Malik ra, reported that Prophet saw said; None of you are truly believers until he loves for his brother what he loves for himself.

Life is Awesome!

The Moment of Dawn.

How do we know the exact moment when night ends and day begins?

When a stranger approaches, and we think he is our brother, and all conflicts disappear. That is the moment when night ends and day begins.

When all conflicts disappear…

I got reminded of John Lennon’s words to Imagine;

Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people sharing all the world

You, you may say
I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one
I hope some day you’ll join us
And the world will live as one

Du’as for my Muslim brothers and sisters in Syria, Myanmar, Palestine and all those who are facing oppression. May we come out of this stronger, nobler. The light of Allah will never diminish, and we know that.

Have faith!

Life is Awesome! 

(It still is, insyaAllah!)

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